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Weather Insights Podcast

Weather Insights is a podcast about weather and how weather affects our lives every day. Meteorologists Jeff Lindner and Scott Pitney will deep dive into many weather-related topics including weather events, forecasts and outlooks. Guests will include a wide range of meteorology and climate experts along with professionals who depend on accurate weather information for their businesses. Join Jeff and Scott for an interesting, entertaining  and informative look into the world of weather and climate.

Latest Episode

Episode 42: Tropical Update 7-22-24

by Jeff Lindner & Scott Pitney | Weather Insights Podcast

Your Hosts

Scott Pitney

Scott Pitney is a freelance broadcast and digital meteorologist.

He has a passion for weather and delivering essential weather information to his audience and is excited to enhance  his love for everything weather via the Weather Insights Podcast.

Jeff Lindner

Joining the Harris County Flood Control District in 2003 as the District’s first meteorologist is one of many precedents set by Jeff Lindner. In his primary role as Director of the Hydrologic Operations Division and Harris County meteorologist, Jeff implements regular communication with multiple agencies, elected officials, and media partners during episodes of severe weather. Jeff oversees the operation of the District’s flood operations, the flood warning system, and flood forecasting efforts. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from Texas A&M University. He is a prominent figure on the topic of weather forecasting, weather impacts, and emergency management activations for county government during adverse weather conditions. Lindner, who became widely known for his constant reporting and calm demeanor during Hurricane Harvey, served as a memorable personality for millions of residents in the City of Houston, Harris County, and the southeast Texas region. He has been recognized by numerous organizations including the American Meteorological Society, the City of Houston, several local, state, and federal organizations for his efforts in weather communication and public safety.  

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